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Did you ever wonder what you were really sharing with non-friends through Facebook? Click the Login button below to find out and get your online privacy score:

We respect your privacy. The Facebook login is solely used as a shortcut to copying your URL. We then calculate your score based only on publicly available data on your profile.

To properly protect yourself make sure to install something like Lavasoft's Privacy Toolbox.

If you are ultra-concerned about your privacy just access your privacy score via the method below, it's pretty simple. You can also just enter your Facebook ID (or URL name):

Step 1: Open your Facebook page (click here), then click on Profile link as shown above.
Step 2: Copy and paste the text inside the address bar to the box below:
Facebook Profile URL:  
Curious about what a score page looks like?
Take a look at Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's score.

About Profile Watch

Social media sites grow only when they have members actively sharing their lives. Recently, some of these sites have started changing privacy settings to expose members to a wider audience. While this benefits sites like Facebook, it can expose information in your profile you meant to keep private.

To protect yourself you need to understand what those who are not connected to your profile can learn about you. Poor online security has caused from bullying to burglary and stalking in real life. Check your own profile here and see what you're sharing with the world. Note, you can also enter just your ID or Facebook Username into the Search box.